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Solutions for Organizations

Our TinyChoices solution works for any organization looking to better engage their members, streamline their communication efforts, or lessen their dependency on traditional social networks.

Most organizations have difficulty keeping their members engaged. They blast messages across several channels with the futile hope of breaking through the noise. Meanwhile, their members skim or miss content and have no idea how to find it later. 

With TinyChoices, your members can focus on the causes they believe in without the typical distractions of a social media feed. 

We're developing features to help you connect, such as:

  • Event promotions

  • Volunteer sign-ups

  • Monetary donations

  • In-kind donation sign-ups

  • Amazon wish lists

  • Push notifications

You'll be up and running in 15 minutes once we create your account. And the best's completely free. No ads. No gimmicks. Our only requirement is that your mission aligns with ours—to use the power of technology to create a more informed, inclusive, and supportive world.

Parent Teacher Orgs

Busy parents have difficulty keeping track of information flowing from schools. This negatively impacts parents' ability to volunteer, donate, and stay active. TinyChoices provides a simple one-stop-shop for parents.

Girls & Boy Scouts

The TinyChoices solution provides troops with a simple way to keep families aware of scouting events, active with volunteering, and engaged with fundraising. 


The TinyChoices solution can serve any nonprofit group interested in a simple way to better engage their members. 

Booster Clubs

Booster club leaders need an easy way for parents, alumni, students, and fans to stay connected and engaged. TinyChoices provides a one-stop shop for announcements, sales, donations and volunteer signups.

Animal Welfare societies

TinyChoices can help keep the community engaged in your mission, which might include sharing news, pet adoption, event promotion, fundraising, and advocacy.

Mission-oriented companies

If having something to say is just as important as having something to sell, TinyChoices can provide a differentiated connection with your raving fans. Engage customers with your mission-oriented content, customer stories, and product placement.

What Our Clients Say


Teresa Swanson, BPC Fundraising Coordinator

TinyChoices was the perfect solution for our parent-teacher organization. We love its simplicity, and parents love having one place to go to stay up-to-date and connected with the PTO.

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