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Our Goal

Imagine the impact if our most popular mobile destinations focused solely on healing the world. Today's social media apps are built on a foundation of bloated advertising and privacy infractions, plagued with disinformation and hate, and socially engineered to keep us entertained with mindless content. 

Aren't we better than that?

Our solution is grounded in a strategic pursuit for product-market fit, a focus on solving customer needs, applying behavioral science to drive impact, and a belief that humanity's collective capacity to help one another has been untapped.

Our Approach

Phase one of our approach focuses on providing nonprofit organizations a white-label app that provides a dedicated distraction-free channel for them to engage their members. We've met with several organization leaders and members who are enthusiastic about our solution. Having already launched an MVP and conducted a well-researched Beta, we are now focused on bringing organizations onto the platform. 

As we enter phase two, we are prepping to build our user base, drive product-market fit and optimize the experience through incremental and transformative innovation. We plan to build advanced engagement features to support our freemium model, allowing us to begin generating revenue.

As many organizations join the platform, we will begin phase three -- developing our mass-market product. The mass-market app will provide customers with a personalized feed in addition to the feeds to which they have subscribed.

Why us?

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals, a sound strategy, a pragmatic approach, and are building a sound network of support as members of 1871 and DePaul's Social Impact Incubator. We are looking for angel investors to help us scale our phase two marketing and engineering efforts. To connect with us, send email to or call us at 312-340-9330.

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