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Image by Sawyer Bengtson


Imagine what we could accomplish if our social media apps focused on healing the world. People are eager to help causes they care about—but those steps should be short, easy, and contagious.


We believe our platform is the answer. While we love cat videos, we hope to empower people to use their phones to affect their communities and create collective change. 


We aspire to partner with organizations that question social inequalities and seek to redesign how communities protect the most vulnerable, provide a voice to the oppressed, lift the marginalized with pathways to success, and create an informed, inclusive, and supportive world.   

Headway Collective is a group of technology professionals who want to make a difference. We are members of 1871, Chicago's most recognized Innovation Hub, and were invited to participate in DePaul University's Coleman Entrepreneurial Center's Social Impact Incubator.



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