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Social Media Marketing Manager

Remote | Part time | Equity only


We are seeking a dynamic and passionate Social Media Marketing Manager to join our team and drive our mission of inspiring positive change. As the Social Media Marketing Manager, you will play a crucial role in developing and executing impactful social media strategies that encourage individuals to take small, meaningful steps in support of various causes. This is an exciting opportunity to lead the charge in leveraging social media platforms to foster engagement, build communities, and drive positive social impact.

What you will do

This is a part-time equity-only role, so we don't expect you to work a ton of hours. You likely will not have time for all the activities mentioned below, but these are the types of activities we envision:

  • Strategy Development

    • Formulate and execute a social media strategy aligned with our organization's mission and goals.

    • Identify key target audiences and tailor content to resonate with diverse demographics.

  • Content Creation

    • Develop compelling and shareable content that inspires action, focusing on encouraging small steps toward supporting meaningful causes.

    • Collaborate with the design team to create visually appealing and engaging multimedia content.

  • Community Engagement

    • Foster a sense of community on social media platforms by initiating and participating in conversations related to our causes.

    • Respond to comments, messages, and mentions promptly, building genuine connections with our audience.

  • Campaign Management

    • Plan and execute social media campaigns, ensuring they align with organizational objectives and resonate with the target audience.

    • Monitor and analyze campaign performance metrics to optimize future initiatives.

  • Partnerships and Influencer Collaboration

    • Identify and engage potential influencers and partners to amplify our message and expand our reach.

    • Develop and maintain relationships with influencers and collaborators aligned with our mission.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    • Regularly track and analyze social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

    • Provide insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.

We are looking for


  • Passion for Social Impact: A genuine commitment to making a positive difference and driving social change.

  • Creativity: Proven ability to think creatively and develop engaging content that captivates audiences.

  • Strategic Thinker: Strong strategic planning skills with the ability to align social media efforts with broader organizational objectives.

  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and compelling manner.

  • Collaborative Spirit: A team player who can collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and external partners.

  • Analytical Mindset: Proficient in social media analytics tools and data-driven decision-making.

  • Adaptability: Ability to stay informed about social media trends and adapt strategies accordingly.

    If you are a passionate and creative individual with a drive to leverage social media for positive change, we invite you to join our team and be a catalyst for meaningful impact.

About the Company

Headway Collective, LLC. is a diverse group of socially conscious technology professionals using human-centric approaches to solve wicked problems. To learn more about TinyChoices, visit and download the beta from the iOS or Android store. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action organization. We value diversity and encourage a workplace that is just as diverse as the customers we serve. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or age. 

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